David has created channel branding, idents, and themes for broadcasters worldwide. He's keen to work with global clients, and can complete international projects working from his studios in the UK, using email, phone and Skype.  Alternatively he can travel to your broadcasting centre to meet and work more closely with you in your country.

Bloomberg TV

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David worked to create a theme that was recognizable and upbeat, that could brand the Bloomberg TV network. The goal was to compose something unique and instantly recognizable with a core theme that could be used in any number of different ways spread across the network.


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Santander UK

Composed by David and produced by CORD WW founding partner Elisa Harris, this theme for Santander UK's latest TVC was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London. The ad, which is airing in 90" and 30" versions, features the Santander brand ambassadors Jessica Ennis, Rory McIlroy and Jenson Button. 

Premier League

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Barclays Premier League

This is the new anthem for the Barclays Premier League co written jointly by Simon Darlow, Martin Brammer and David.  From August 2013 It accompanies the Premier's live television programming broadcast globally, and is also played before each league match as the players shake hands on the pitch.

BBC World News

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David's work for BBC World News can be heard in over 200 countries and 434 million households around the globe.

He has composed themes for the channel and core programming for over a decade. His work has been refreshed multiple times to date. The idea behind the theme for the original channel ident was to make it sound like a beacon.

Sharjah TV

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These idents were composed with Will Slater for Sharjah TV in the UAE.

London Olympics 2012

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LOCOG / Universal

These are excerpts from David's 12 minute "World Stage" mix of Chariots Of Fire by Vangelis, commissioned by LOCOG. It's one of five variations of the classic theme, used during the medal presentation ceremonies at London 2012

BBC Entertainment

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BBC 2011

Five new 2011 idents for BBC Entertainment, an international channel showing Drama, Comedy and Light Entertainment from the BBC. 

CCTV China

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New Idents for China Central Television, the main state television broadcaster in mainland China, accessible to more than one billion viewers.

Asian Cup 2011

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Al Kass

This international tournament happens once every four years, and is run by the Asian Football League. The estimated audience is around 700 million people worldwide. This is the promo Will Slater and I produced for Al Kass, the official broadcasters of the games.

BBC Earth

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BBC Earth’s idents follow David’s three note sound design ideas from BBC Worldwide, using natural sounds.

BBC Worldwide

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David’s unusual sound design track accompanies the current BBC Branding for DVD’s and visual merchandise.


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NDTV Is one of India's biggest News and Entertainment broadcasters and has twenty three offices across the country. David produced all of the channel and programme music for NDTV 24x7, The business channel NDTV Profit and the local channel Metro for New Delhi

Al Arabiya

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Al Arabiya, the Arabic-language television news channel, launched on March 3, 2003, with David’s distinctive musical identity. It is based in Dubai Media City, United Arab Emirates, and is partly owned by the Saudi broadcaster Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC).

TV2 Norway

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TV 2 is the largest commercial television station in Norway. Over 30% of the time Norwegians spend watching TV is spent watching TV2. David was asked to come up with identity sounds for News Sport and entertainment, with a modern and recognizable identity for TV2.

Abu Dhabi T.V.

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David was asked to come up with some music which links past and present, in this region of the world. It needed to respect the cultural heritage and traditional section of the audience, whilst having a modern and progressive feel.

China Central TV

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David was commissioned to compose this for the annual English Speaking competition, a popular “X Factor” annual event on Chinese TV. It was the first time China Central TV had worked with a foreign composer on this kind of project.


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Launched in 2008 as a subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi Media Company (ADMC), Imagenation Abu Dhabi has rapidly become one of the world’s leading feature film producers, playing an instrumental role in the development of a film industry in the United Arab Emirates.